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Welcome to Toulouse, the «Ville Rose»

Southern city with Spanish accents and Italian facades, Toulouse has always had an inclination to absorb new cultures and influences, even if it aims to preserve its own Occitan identity. Toulouse ideally interweaves a gentle way of life and a dynamic energy onto the future. Its economic drive, its historical heritage, its passion for sports, and its bustling cultural activities, all mingle in an astonishing cocktail.

Whether your heart belongs to the Arts, to rugby, gastronomy or fine old stones, you will fall for this charming thousand facets city. Toulouse radiates not only because of its cultural richness, its ‘art de vivre’, but also because of its many technological prowesses.

Wish to view images of Toulouse assets, richness and points of interest? Check this video from the famous chef and restaurant owner from Toulouse, Michel SARAN and share his treasures and favourites:


Come and meet the passionate local producers, they will share their love of south west gastronomy…
Séjour à Toulouse suggests here a selection of the most popular city center markets…

  • - Marché Cristal. The largest in Toulouse, set on the boulevards.
    Fruits and vegetables at a very attractive price, but not only…(Tuesdays to Sundays from 7h30 to 13h30)
  • - Marché des Carmes, covered market, recently modernised, trendy and very popular with locals.
    Fruits and vegetables, meat specialties, fish, profusion of breads and pastries, for a taste bud treat. One of the best bet in Toulouse (Tuesdays to Sundays from 7h to 13h30).
  • - Marché Victor Hugo (Tuesdays to Sundays from 7h to 13h30), the spot for south west gastronomy.
    The originality is that upstairs there are restaurants where you may taste fresh market products. From stall to plate, come and taste the quality of the offered delicacies.
  • - Covered Saint Cyprien market (Tuesdays to Sundays from 7h30 to 13h30), left bank.
    The only one which has been kept in its original state. An authentic and friendly food market. On Mondays, when it is closed, second hand book sellers and collectors take over the place, from 8h to 18h.

Parks & gardens

Need for green even if in town? Get some oxygen…

  • - By the Garonne riverside ( from the Prairie des Filtres to the Daurade Quay)
  • - Along the banks of the Canal du Midi, classified Unesco site
  • - In the recreational Jardin des Plantes, between the Busca and the Carmes (7ha of trees, lawns, waterfall, ponds, ducks and swans, merry –go-round, pony’s…) and its two adjacent parks (Le Grand Rond and Le Jardin Royal) linked by a footbridge.
  • - In the very zen Japanese garden of Compans Cafarelli, on the Canal du Midi.


Good deals of Séjour à Toulouse

every first Sunday of the month, free entrance to the Toulouse Museum , the Abattoirs, the Augustins Museum, the Jacobins cloisters, Saint-Raymond Museum, Georges-Labit et Paul Dupuy.

Every Sunday from May to half June and from September to half October free exhibits on the Garonne banks.

Sites and monuments

Wandering through the town center, discover…

  • - The Capitole (+ tourist office in the dungeon)
  • - Saint Sernin Basilica
  • - Jacobins Convent
  • - L’Hôtel d’Assezat
  • - Saint Etienne Cathedral
  • - L’Hôtel de Bernuy
  • - Notre Dame de la Daurade Basilica
  • - Notre-Dame de la Dalbade
  • - The Garonne Riverside
  • - The Canal du Midi banks (classified Patrimoine Mondial de l’Unesco)